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Digital photo keyring with DPF mate. software instructions

connect digital photo keyring to PC

Connecting the Digital image keyring

On receiving your digital photo keyring you will find inside the box the digital photo frame key ring with a USB connector and a keychain clip. To get started connect your USB connector between your PC and the device.

The device may turn on and show the current images stored on the device or if the battery has no power it may need a few minutes before the device will operate correctly.

Charging the keyring is done by the USB connection and will need to be connected after a period of use.

Photo frame menu button

Operating the photo keychain

To manually switch on or off the keyring hold down the menu button for around 5 seconds. Once the device is on, you may scroll through the stored pictures by using the up and down buttons.

To connect your digital photo keyring to your PC. Switch on your device then press and release the menu button to show the on screen menu.

on screen menu display

Digital keyring menu options.

The on screen menu gives you the various operating modes and settings for the device.

To Connect to your PC and transfer images you must select the USB connect option, the keyring will then ask to confirm the connection.

Auto play
dpfmate photo transfere

Windows explorer
dpf mate exe

Starting DPfmate photo transfer software

On first use, your PC may require the installation of flash memory drivers. These drivers are universal and shouldn't require an installation disk or special software. Your PC should show an information box when the drivers have been successfully installed

Now when you attach your digital photo keyring to your PC the Auto play box should appear and by selecting 'Run DPFmate.exe' the photo transfer software will start.

If no auto play box appears then use windows explorer to find the flash drive and manually start the DPFmate package.

photo transfer using dpfmate

Selecting images for transfer

Use the file system browse box to find the image which you would like to transfer. When using some operating system there may be many logical shortcuts to your files. You may need to locate files within the file structure without using shortcuts.

Once the image which you wish to display on your digital photo keyring has been located click the image and the image will be displayed in the panel above the file selection box.

downloading images to digital image keyrings

Modifying images for transfer.

Use the center buttons to modify the crop or rotation of the image before transferring.

Once you are happy with the image click the add button to send the image to the right hand pane. This has not transferred the image but placed the image in a queue ready for download. Select and modify more images using the previous steps.

8mb flash memory usage

Download images to your digital photo keyring

Once the add button has been pressed the image will show in the right hand pane of the DPFmate window. To transfer the image simply click the 'Download' button the trainer the image to the photo keychain.

Other buttons allow you to retrieve images from the device or delete image so that they are no longer shown on the digital picture keyring.

digital picture dowload complete

Download and storage

Once the download button has been pressed the transfer progress bar will display the download process. When complete the counter will show haw many image are installed on the digital photo keyring.

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